Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)

Children are prone to get harmed if the product they use is unsafe. Therefore, the are many regulations on the market, ensuring that toys and other children’s products do not put children in danger. One of such regulations is a requirement for a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) on the US market.

Children's Product Certificate
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UL Certification

When running a business, the safety of your workers and clients should always be a priority. Some fields are riskier than others, and equivalent safety measures have been set to ensure the sold products are not dangerous to use. In Canada and the US, the best way to check whether or not a product is safe is to look for a UL certification mark. It indicates that the item will not in any way be harmful to the consumer and that it fulfills all necessary safety requirements. What is UL, how does it classify products, and how to obtain it for your business?

UL certification
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Mastercard gets green light in China

Mastercard has obtained preliminary approval to create and operate bank cards in RMB. Mastercard’s activity in China is gaining access to the $27 trillion payments market (2018) as part of the financial opening of China. The new Mastercard project is a joint venture with NetsUnion Clearing Corporation (NUCC), a Chinese company that operates a payment platform for foreign companies. The preparation must be completed within one year for Mastercard to apply to the People’s Bank of China for formal approval of the start of operations.

Mastercard in China
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