Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

Consumer product safety improvement act (CPSIA)

CPSC is a federal organization that protects consumers from harmful products in the USA. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) is a landmark consumer product safety law amended by this organization in 2008. What does the CPSIA regulate? Consumer Product … Read more

CPSC – Consumer Product Safety Commission

CPSC Organization

CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is an independent federal organization protecting consumers from the risks associated with the use of various types of products. The agency has jurisdiction over a wide range of goods meant to be sold on the … Read more

FDA – Food and Drug Administration

FDA Food Drug Administration

Manufacturers and importers must consider numerous product safety regulations in their operations. This applies in particular to such goods as food, medicines, cosmetics, and medical devices. Within the European Union, compliance with EU directives is of utmost importance. In turn, … Read more


FCC certification

In times of globalization and the necessity to adapt goods to the requirements of the international market, it is essential to be familiar with relevant certificates. Each marking is proof that a product meets specific technical and safety standards specified … Read more