Importing glassware from China to the US

Importing glassware from China to the US

Glass is used in many daily-used products, from electronic devices with a screen, food containers to decorations and construction components. The US glass and glassware imports hit a record of US$9.49 Billion. On the other side of the world, China … Read more

US chip ban in China

US chip ban

The United States has imposed restrictions on semiconductor technology exports to China, which may setback Chinese technological development. The US chip ban in China can harm the semiconductor supply chain and impact Taiwanese and South Korean semiconductor companies. It only … Read more

Importing hardware from China to the US

Importing hardware from China to the US

The hardware industry consists of wholesale manufacturers and distributors of various metallic items like chains, nuts, springs, clamps, brackets, etc. China is one of the top hardware exporters. The US, on the other hand, is one of the top importers. … Read more

Importing fashion accessories to the US

Importing fashion accessories from China to the US

Clothing and various fashion accessories are one of the most popular items imported from China. In addition to the wide range of fashion accessories offered by Chinese manufacturers, the prices are relatively low for good quality. When importing fashion accessories … Read more

Mastercard gets green light in China

Mastercard has obtained preliminary approval to create and operate bank cards in RMB. Mastercard’s activity in China is gaining access to the $27 trillion payments market (2018) as part of the financial opening of China. The new Mastercard project is … Read more

Las Vegas National Hardware Show – 2014

National Hardware Show 2014

We attended the National Hardware Show, which was held at Las Vegas Convention Center in May 2014. It’s nearly impossible to meet every exhibitor due to the fact that it’s one of the biggest trade fairs held in the United … Read more