Solar panels manufacturers in China

China is the absolute leader in the production of photovoltaic panels. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2017, the Chinese market accounted for half of the global demand for solar energy. Approximately 60% of the world’s production of the PV panels took place in China. The article below will present the largest solar panels manufacturers and production areas of PV panels in China. 

solar panels manufacturers in China
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Import of seasonal products from China

Among all goods imported from China, a large part is taken up by the import of seasonal products, manufactured on the occasion of holidays or various types of events. Despite the great interest, many people do not acknowledge the large number of risks resulting from importing such items. Before starting the import, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the possible dangers and knowing how to protect your business.

import of seasonal products from China
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Does companies from Hong Kong have the same rights as ones registered in Mainland China?

People often ask about companies from Hong Kong and if they have the same rights to operate in China as, for example, companies registered in Beijing or Shanghai? In a word: No. Hong Kong, even though it is controlled by China, is an SAR (Special Administrative Region), and it has a separate legal, economic, and monetary (Hong Kong Dollar) system.

company from Hong Kong

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