Bankruptcies of Chinese factories

China has returned to work after coronavirus. Factories operate as usual and fulfill importers’ orders. However, not all companies managed to survive the hard period of downtime caused by the epidemic. In this regard, we want you to pay attention to the increased bankruptcies of Chinese factories. Half a million companies have already been closed. Be careful when cooperating with Chinese factories and remember to verify them.

bankruptcies of Chinese factories
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Rapid coronavirus tests from China

Due to the rapidly growing coronavirus epidemic (SARS-CoV-2) worldwide, it becomes necessary to detect infected people as early as possible. In this case, rapid tests for the presence of coronavirus come to the rescue. It turns out that coronavirus tests can be imported from China. They are widely available on all kinds of Chinese sales platforms, such as Alibaba or Made in China. Great interest in this kind of product and exceptional situation cause that risk of fraud is incredibly high. 

rapid coronavirus tests from China
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Protective masks on Alibaba

The coronavirus pandemic has generated a high demand for medical equipment around the world. We noticed increased interest among importers in such items as face masks and antibacterial gels. Many suppliers of these products can be found on Alibaba. Unfortunately, along with the increased demand for this type of goods, the number of fraudsters who want to take advantage of the situation is also increasing. If you plan to buy gels or protective masks on Alibaba – we warn you against scams!

protective masks on Alibaba
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The China Bank Switch Scam

Targets of the majority of Chinese frauds are companies that are just beginning to cooperate with a Chinese partner. For example, Big Order Scam. Therefore, importers who have been trading with one company for years without any problems are convinced that they are safe and none of the Chinese scams concern them. However, this kind of thinking can be very deceptive. Unfortunately, even an experienced importer, who maintains a good business relationship with his trade partner, can fall victim of the Chinese scam. As a warning, we present the China Bank Switch Scam and how to protect yourself from it.

China Bank Switch Scam

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Big Order Scam

A Big Order Scam is a common type of business fraud. It has been used by scammers in China ever since China opened its borders to foreign trade. Surprisingly, despite many warnings and raised awareness of these scammers, a lot of naive entrepreneurs, blinded by a vision of big profit, still fall for this old trick. If you don’t want to be one of them, read how Big Order Scam works and you won’t get fooled.

Big Order Scam

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How can you check whether a Chinese company exists?

Do you run or plan to start importing from China but do not know whether your Chinese business partner is a legally registered company? This is a common problem when doing business with Chinese companies, especially when you do it through the Internet and use B2B portals like The question seems peculiar, but still not enough people ask themselves about it. Surely it would possibly avoid a lot of scams if the importer had access to this apparently trivial information about a supplier from China.

So how can you check if a Chinese company exists?

Chinese Company

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New China Scam – be aware

New Chinese Scam – how the Chinese scammers operate? (China Big Order Scam)

It has been a long time since China has opened its vast market to foreign investors. It created many opportunities, but also some dangers: a lot of people, blinded by the perspective of big profits, forgot about basic safety measures and were duped by Chinese scammers. Along the technical progress and overall rise of investors’ level of knowledge, the scams are getting more and more elaborate.

Scam from China

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