How can you check whether a Chinese company exists?

Do you run or plan to start importing from China but do not know whether your Chinese business partner is a legally registered company? This is a common problem when doing business with Chinese companies, especially when you do it through the Internet and use B2B portals like The question seems peculiar, but still not enough people ask themselves about it. Surely it would possibly avoid a lot of scams if the importer had access to this apparently trivial information about a supplier from China.

So how can you check if a Chinese company exists?

Chinese Company

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New China Scam – be aware

New Chinese Scam – how the Chinese scammers operate? (China Big Order Scam)

It has been a long time since China has opened its vast market to foreign investors. It created many opportunities, but also some dangers: a lot of people, blinded by the perspective of big profits, forgot about basic safety measures and were duped by Chinese scammers. Along the technical progress and overall rise of investors’ level of knowledge, the scams are getting more and more elaborate.

Scam from China

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