Zengcheng. Region of jeans production in China

Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis, when designing durable denim jeans for farmers and miners, probably did not think that jeans would become the most common wardrobe piece in the world. It is estimated that 6 billion pairs of jeans are produced every year all around the world. Zengcheng in Guangzhou is an important region of jeans production in China. If you are thinking about importing jeans from Zengcheng, you should consider visiting its wholesale center, and if you are interested in the product of a certain manufacturer, pay a visit to his factory. It is also advantageous to combine visits with participation in trade fairs, for example, the famous Canton Fair. Keep in mind that this type of visit should not overlap with the most important Chinese holidays, which usually don’t fall on the same date every year.

Zengcheng jeans production area in China
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