Import of furniture from China to the European Union

China is one of the largest manufacturers of furniture in the world. The demand for furniture is additionally driven by the rapidly developing real estate market and the growing purchasing power of Chinese consumers. The import of furniture from China to the EU is popular due to their low duty rates, reasonable prices, and variety. Therefore, it’s worth checking out what Chinese manufacturers have to offer. We present all you need to know about importing furniture from China.

Import of furniture from China to the EU
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Foshan furniture manufacturers

If you are going to import furniture from China, it’s worth taking the first steps to Foshan, one of the largest furniture production areas. Direct contact with representatives of factories is usually more fruitful than communication with a given company through an intermediary or a trading company. Everyone familiar with Chinese business etiquette knows how important face-to-face meetings with a potential business partner are. When visiting the Foshan furniture market, you can also firsthand see the quality of the products and the factory. It is worth choosing wisely the date of the visit so that it does not interfere with the most important Chinese holidays. The trip can be combined with participation in trade fairs, for example in the nearby Guangzhou, home of the Canton Fair.

Foshan furniture production area in China
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