Importing medical masks from China

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for medial masks increased immeasurably. The production of masks has quickened up, though there is a current shortage in some hospitals. There are also little to no masks for employees in the service industry. Most masks are made in China, in total at least 50% of global production. Therefore, the import of medical masks from China is a big topic. Factories in China are working at full capacity to cover unexpected demand.

import of medical masks from China
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Dashcams import from China – Duty rates

Duty rates for dashcams from China

Dashcams, commonly associated with YouTube videos showing dangerous road incidents in Russia, are becoming more and more popular around the world, including the US and Europe. Those kind of devices are also relatively popular among the Chinese drivers, China is one of the world’s biggest producers of dashcams and huge part of this production is exported.


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US Duty rate for clothes imported from China

For many importers, China is a country where a great amount of clothes can be purchased and sold with big profit at their home countries. Recently the Chinese labor costs have risen, and the same happened with the major raw materials. However, Chinese suppliers can provide better quality and already have experience in this branch of trade.

Everyone who is willing to start an importer’s career should remember about several important issues. First of all, to generate a satisfactory profit margin, a huge order must be made. Smaller orders can be easily handled by Chinese wholesalers operating in your own country.

Clothing US duty rate

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