US duty rates on Christmas decorations from China

Although in China there is no tradition of celebrating Christmas, China is manufacturing more than 60% of the world’s Christmas decorations. Read this article to know where such huge resources of festive decorations are manufactured, get acquainted with the US duty rates on Christmas decorations, and discover the list of trade fairs in China.

US duty rates on Christmas decorations

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US import duty on Halloween products from China

If you’d like to import special occasion-related goods from China, you should do it in advance. One such occasion is Halloween, taking place annually on October 31. To fully celebrate it, consumers purchase Halloween-themed decorations, accessories and of course costumes. China being the world’s largest manufacturing economy has a wide range of options at reasonable prices. Check the US import duty on Halloween products from China, as well as other important information for importers.

import duty on Halloween products

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US duty rates on solar panels from China

In terms of global warming, humankind is not powerless. For example, we can choose to turn to obtain energy from a sustainable alternative rather than traditional fossil fuels. Nature can provide us with clean energy. Among all the clean energy alternatives, solar energy is one of the most efficient sources. The technology has been improved considerably over the years, and the costs of solar panels maintenance are low. Most important, although it is dependent on the weather, we cannot run out of solar energy. The world’s largest producer of photovoltaic power is China, due to massive government investment. Having confidence in its creations, China is planning to install the world’s first solar station in space. If you are interested in importing solar panels, this article can come in useful. Check the current US duty rates on solar panels from China.

US duty rates on solar panels

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US import duty on electronics from China

It seems like in modern society we cannot go through life without electronic devices. Thanks to appliances, we have more time to ourselves, and carrying a smartphone is a necessity. China has moved smoothly from a low-cost sector and low technology to a value-added industry and high technology, becoming a global production base for electronics. Despite being a developing country, China export loads of devices such as mobile phones, notebook computers and electronic components. In 2017, the value of China’s electronics manufacturing services market reached around $300 billion, and in 2023, the value of it is supposed to break $500 billion. Do you want to import such goods from China? Check the current US import duty on electronics.

US import duty on electronics

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Dashcams import from China – Duty rates

Duty rates for dashcams from China

Dashcams, commonly associated with YouTube videos showing dangerous road incidents in Russia, are becoming more and more popular around the world, including the US and Europe. Those kind of devices are also relatively popular among the Chinese drivers, China is one of the world’s biggest producers of dashcams and huge part of this production is exported.


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Medical equipment from China

The market for medical equipment in China rises steadily. It is expected to grow to 3.7 billion USD by 2015 – by now, it accounts only for 14% of the country’s total pharmaceutical industry, but has an undoubted growth potential. The China’s healthcare infrastructure is still below the levels of developed nations, but the consumers’ expectations are rising, as well as their purchasing power.

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Import from China Chemical Reagents – duty rates

Chinese chemical industry have been developing very quickly in the last thirty years, it can be said that China generates one third of the world’s global demand for chemicals (which is more than Europe). The government strictly controls foreign investments and offers a lot of help for stately owned enterprises, which are struggling to satisfy the growing demand.

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