Importing medical masks from China

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for medial masks increased immeasurably. The production of masks has quickened up, though there is a current shortage in some hospitals. There are also little to no masks for employees in the service industry. Most masks are made in China, in total at least 50% of global production. Therefore, the import of medical masks from China is a big topic. Factories in China are working at full capacity to cover unexpected demand.

import of medical masks from China
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Impact of coronavirus on Aliexpress delivery

The coronavirus epidemic is a source of concern and many doubts, for example in terms of transport and shipping. Many wonder what impact on shipments from Aliexpress coronavirus might have. We already know that parcels arriving from China are safe and do not contain the virus. Another issue is their shipping to other countries. According to our knowledge, since the situation in China has stabilized, more and more deliveries from this country reach the customers.

impact of coronavirus on Aliexpress delivery
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Rapid coronavirus tests from China

Due to the rapidly growing coronavirus epidemic (SARS-CoV-2) worldwide, it becomes necessary to detect infected people as early as possible. In this case, rapid tests for the presence of coronavirus come to the rescue. It turns out that coronavirus tests can be imported from China. They are widely available on all kinds of Chinese sales platforms, such as Alibaba or Made in China. Great interest in this kind of product and exceptional situation cause that risk of fraud is incredibly high. 

rapid coronavirus tests from China
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The Canton Fair was postponed

The official statement from the Deputy Director of the Trade Department of Guangdong stated that due to the spreading coronavirus pandemic, the Canton Fair was postponed. The spring edition of Canton Fair should start on April 15 and last until May. The fair has been held continuously since 1957. However, this year, the fate of the world’s largest trade fair has become questionable.

Canton Fair was postponed
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Protective masks on Alibaba

The coronavirus pandemic has generated a high demand for medical equipment around the world. We noticed increased interest among importers in such items as face masks and antibacterial gels. Many suppliers of these products can be found on Alibaba. Unfortunately, along with the increased demand for this type of goods, the number of fraudsters who want to take advantage of the situation is also increasing. If you plan to buy gels or protective masks on Alibaba – we warn you against scams!

protective masks on Alibaba
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