Factories in China

China is often called the World’s Factory. The reason is that China is the manufacturer producer in the world. In recent years, its value soared to an annual sum of 4 trillion USD, of which 2.5 trillion USD were exported. Due to their competitive prices and wide range of products, foreign companies often choose to source from Chinese factories. Let’s dive deep into the topic of factories in China.

Factories in China
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Nine Things To Do on Your First China Sourcing Trip

Popularly known as the, “Shopper’s Paradise” The Yiwu Market is the best place to procure goods at prices that fit your budget. Visiting a vendor in person has its own pros, but before you pack, don’t forget to check out these 9 tips. These tips will keep you prepared and informed at every step to ensure that you have a stress-free sourcing trip.

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GoPro is going public – can make up to $100 million

Camera maker GoPro, which sources its production in China, plans to list on the Nasdaq and aims for big profit. The company was founded in 2004 and the production was outsourced to the Shenzhen-based Chinese company. By now, GoPro provided hundred thousands of products for customers around the world and made recording their adventures possible.gopro ipo

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Apple to buy Beats Electronics – how the China Sourcing paid off

It has been six years since Californian rapper and hip-hop producer Andre “Dr. Dre” Young has established his own company which manufactured headphones. This high-quality equipment has become very popular among professionals and music lovers alike and the brand earned widespread recognition in the audio industry. It is worth mentioning though that this equipment is manufactured in China.

Apple Buys Beats

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China Sourcing – SteelSeries

We have already described some successful China Sourcing companies, including GoPro. Today we present another company, this time from Europe, which successfully sells high-quality electronic equipment around the world. Its production base is located in China, SteelSeries specializes in producing equipment for gamers: headphones, mice, keyboards, mouse pads. They offer more than one hundred different products, all in premium price range.

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Searching for products in China – China sourcing success story: GoPro

We have been receiving numerous questions about the manufacturing our own product in China: whether is it possible or not, to what the attention must be paid, how to begin with the so-called China sourcing. We also have received a lot of questions about high-quality products from China, which are not ordered by big companies such as Nike or Apple, but by small entrepreneurs, who started their way to business with dreams and ambitious plans only.


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