US tariffs on shoes from China

Footwear is an indispensable element of our everyday life. What is more, different occasions and circumstances require different kinds of shoes to protect or embellish our feet. After all, we cannot wear trainers for a business meeting or high heels for a mountain hike. That is why the footwear industry is significant and expanding according to consumer needs. Moreover, entrepreneurs are willing to turn to Chinese producers, as they offer goods of increasing quality at reasonable prices. Having considered the needs of those who are planning to import footwear from China, we would like to present a handful of useful information. One of the most crucial is the US tariffs on shoes from China.

US tariffs on shoes from China
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Breaking the Great Wall – „made in China” goes West

Right from the beginning Chinese products have been very well-known for their cheap price and bad quality. People often saw them as tacky and “made in China” tag created anxiety. Thanks to the small, not meeting the western standards Chinese stores that spread all over the Europe, China managed to quite permanently establish its name as the “kingdom of mass production that only copy other brands”. Many of us are probably not even aware how many Chinese companies became successful in the West, despite the hardships and mistrust they had to face. Even though cultural gap and historical stigma are difficult to overcome, it’s still not impossible to break through the foreign market.

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