Chinese Festivals and Holidays 2015 : Calendar for the Year of the Goat.

Usually in China, during the official holiday period, all official and governmental sectors are closed. There are some exceptions in the private sector, but most factories also stop work. When your company does business with China, it’s important to remember that, in China, holidays and festivals are different than those in the USA or Europe, and there might be fewer, but the business breaks are much longer!

Chinese Festivals and Holidays 2015

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China Holidays and Festivals 2014

Chinese Festivals and Holidays 2014: Calendar for the Year of the Horse

Usually during the official holiday period the whole private sector is working, but governmental institutions are closed. Holidays are also a chance for people to travel around China, so it is really hard to get a train ticket and the prices of plane ticket rise sharply. Understanding the holiday calendar will make planning our trip to China easier.

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