Exporting products to China and preparing for the Chinese market

More and more Western companies decide to start exporting their products to China. Many of them produce and export foods such as dairy products, sweets, or alcohol. When doing so, it is essential to know that the exported food needs to have the right certificates. Besides making sure the product fulfills all formal requirements, it is crucial to adjust it to Chinese consumers. In this article, you will find useful marketing methods that will help you sell products, especially foods, on the Chinese market.

Exporting products to China
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Chinese food market rises – and so are the food prices

Not long ago, the share of import in the Chinese food market was very low (4% in 2007). But the situation changes very fast. The purchasing power of the Chinese people rises along with the appetite for imported food and beverage. The volume of import is so big that it has the direct influence on global food prices

Agriculture remains to be the vital industry of China, but its production output cannot meet the rising demand. Local agriculture was heavily affected by the development of industry – vast spaces of agricultural area were polluted, the shortage of water also results in the abandonment of more fields that slowly turn into desert. Meanwhile, the annual growth rate for the food industry is 15%, the consumption of meat has risen and furthermore, the rich Chinese are even more fond of foreign products, including wines, salmon or chocolate.

Food in China

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