Does companies from Hong Kong have the same rights as ones registered in Mainland China?

People often ask about companies from Hong Kong and if they have the same rights to operate in China as, for example, companies registered in Beijing or Shanghai? In a word: No. Hong Kong, even though it is controlled by China, is an SAR (Special Administrative Region), and it has a separate legal, economic, and monetary (Hong Kong Dollar) system.

company from Hong Kong

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New China Scam – be aware

New Chinese Scam – how the Chinese scammers operate? (China Big Order Scam)

It has been a long time since China has opened its vast market to foreign investors. It created many opportunities, but also some dangers: a lot of people, blinded by the perspective of big profits, forgot about basic safety measures and were duped by Chinese scammers. Along the technical progress and overall rise of investors’ level of knowledge, the scams are getting more and more elaborate.

Scam from China

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