First Evergrande’s car

First Evergrande's car

Evergrande has a lot of debt and plans to restore the company’s financial health with the automobile business. From now Evergrande’s first car can be preordered, which is a luxury electric SUV called Hengchi 5. Will the automobile business save … Read more

China’s first solar-powered vehicle

China’s first solar-powered vehicle

There have been many attempts to make the ultimate solar-powered vehicle. A team from Tianjin in China created a solar vehicle that runs only on energy from the sun. How is the Tianjin solar car, China’s first solar-powered car, performing? … Read more

Breaking the Great Wall – “Made in China” goes West

made in china goes west

Right from the beginning, Chinese products have been very well-known for their cheap price and inferior quality. People often saw them as tacky, and the “made in China” tag was not welcomed. Thanks to the not-up-to-standards Chinese goods in small … Read more