Smartphones in China

Smartphone usage in China – new trends and statistics

China is world’s one of the biggest smartphone markets. This infographics presents the detailed information about the market situation and its possible development trends. In the recent years, smartphones have become ubiquitous, low-end devices still being the most popular customers’ choice.

smartphones in China

By now, 66% percent of mobile phones are smartphones. It is the impressive score, because for example in the USA the percentage is slightly lower – 56%. Smartphones sales are rising, but has lost its previous speed: the impressive 77.11 million of units sold in the Q2 2013 alone still cannot compete with the rapid growth, which happened in 2012 (sales in Q1 were about 31.17 millions, in Q4 56.96 millions.

The Chinese prefer Samsung smartphones over Apple’s, mostly because the Korean company offers wide range of products, from low-end to high-end. Smartphones with price tag lower than 2000 RMB account for 75.9% of market share. Not surprisingly, most of these smartphones operate on Android.

Another interesting information is the list of most popular apps for both Android and iOS. The Top10 list is filled exclusively with the Chinese applications.

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