Searching for products in China – China sourcing success story: GoPro

We have been receiving numerous questions about the manufacturing our own product in China: whether is it possible or not, to what the attention must be paid, how to begin with the so-called China sourcing. We also have received a lot of questions about high-quality products from China, which are not ordered by big companies such as Nike or Apple, but by small entrepreneurs, who started their way to business with dreams and ambitious plans only.


We would like to present the example of Nick Woodman, American surfer, who was unable to find a product of his interest, so he decided to construct the prototype of his own device. He outsourced the production to a Shenzhen-based, Chinese company. What is interesting, while ordering the first batch of shipment, he hasn’t even visited China – the entire communication was done through e-mail and phones.

china Go pro

If we are sure that we encountered a reliable business partner with rich exporting experience, we may also take such a risk, but it is always recommended to check how the things are going on the spot.

Before outsourcing production to China you should have a good idea: especially from the branch of trade which is familiar to you. If you are dealing in motor industry, you shouldn’t be manufacturing appliance electronics just because you have heard that it may be profitable. Nick Woodman had an idea of a small, cheap, shakeproof camera, which will enable shooting first-person perspective pictures for the extreme sports enthusiasts.

The idea seems trivial, but because of the reliable implementation it attracted not only sports people, but also surgeons or TV crews. Presently, the total market capitalization of GoPro Company is $2billion.

Source in China Go Pro

If you are considering the “China sourcing” of your own product, you should have a professional approach to the import procedures, you should also calculate cost carefully, make sure that the quality of the product fulfill your requirements. Of course, you may need some market survey beforehand; and you should certainly visit China to supervise the production process. If you don’t have any particular idea, you may visit trade fairs in China; maybe it will give you some inspiration. Every year some brand new products are being exhibited in Guangzhou trade fair, and later on those products gradually appear on the shelves around the world.