Nest Labs – China Sourcing Made in China

Nest Labs is a home automation company from Palo Alto, CA. It produces intelligent, Wi-Fi-enabled programmable thermostats and smoke detectors. It was co-founded in 2010 by two former Apple employees: Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. It presently employs 130 workers and was recently purchased by Google for $3 billion.

Nest Labs – China Sourcing success story

Nest Labs is a company that is a good example of China Sourcing. The devices are designed in California but completely assembled in China, just as in the case of Apple.

nest build in china

Nest Labs thermostats are a big market success in the US and will soon make an appearance in other countries. It is another fine example of a high-quality device manufactured in China. In the next months, we will present more examples of successful China Sourcing: along with the growth of the hardware industry, more useful and interesting products appear on markets worldwide.

Let’s watch how the Nest Thermostat works:

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