Import from China Chemical Reagents – duty rates

Chinese chemical industry have been developing very quickly in the last thirty years, it can be said that China generates one third of the world’s global demand for chemicals (which is more than Europe). The government strictly controls foreign investments and offers a lot of help for stately owned enterprises, which are struggling to satisfy the growing demand.

Chemical Reagents

As we know, the products of the chemical industry are very important for consumer goods production and motor industry. China is importing some of those products, among many others we can purchase chemical reagents – substances used in laboratory and experimental work. We can examine the duty rates for chemical reagents imported from China.

Diagnostic or laboratory reagents on a backing, prepared diagnostic or laboratory reagents are exempted from duty, duty rate is 0%. On the contrary to medical products, laboratory reagents are subjected to the veterinary control (according to EC act L116/9). The companies which import those reagents should obtain export-import authorization (due to the possible presence of ozone-depleting substances). An application for authorization can be sent via online
ODS Licensing System.

The other category of products contains blood-grouping reagents and X-ray diagnostic reagents, which are also exempted from duty (0% rate). We should remember though that all of those products need CE marking.


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