E-cigarettes: import from China

The number of e-cigarette users rises steadily. Not everybody knows that the device was invented and patented in China in 2003. Due to the Chinese market characteristics, which include very low retail price for a single pack of cigarettes, most of the Chinese companies, which produce e-cigarettes, are importing their products.

E Cigarette

Before jumping into e-cigarette business, you should check the relevant regulations in your country. The import of e-cigarettes is either permitted (in Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland and Russia), partially permitted (zero-nicotine products are allowed, but those containing nicotine must meet several requirements – Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand) or banned (most of the Islamic countries, Columbia, Taiwan). The legal status is subjected to frequent changes, because e-cigarettes are a relatively new invention and pharmaceutical industry is lobbying to outlaw their unrestrained sale.

In the European Union, the import of e-cigarettes is still regulated by the Member States, but there were a lot of discussions about introducing union-level legislative measures, which may outlaw non-pharmaceutical sale of usable refills. In the US, there is outgoing debate on whether the e-cigarettes should be considered as a tobacco product, or a pharmaceutical product. Legal status of e-cigarettes worldwide can be checked here.

If we are planning to import a small quantity of e-cigarettes, several online shops may come in handy: E-Cigar China, China Sells or Price Angels . You should carefully calculate the shipping expenses, because in some cases buying e-cigarettes at your local wholesaler will be more reasonable. The big orders should be made in China.

The main centre for manufacturing e-cigarettes in China is Shenzhen, city known as the biggest manufacture base for electronic equipment. While we order e-cigarettes at the factory, we should remember about some issues. E-cigarette is a complicated device, which consist of a battery, an atomizer, an inhaler and a liquid container. Liquid heating process is controlled by a miniature microprocessor, paired with a sensor, which detects when the smoker is breathing. The technology is still new and full of major and minor flaws, which results in the necessity of repairs and establishing a proper after-sale service. The battery capacity may be smaller than advertised, some of the parts may be second-hand and refurbished, therefore the reliability of the company, which cooperates with us, should be thoroughly checked. It is worth mentioning that the long-term cooperation is the best solution – we should be able to provide our clients with consumables, such as atomizers and batteries.

The number of smokers worldwide is still high: it is around one billion, one-sixth of the world’s population. These people will sooner or later realize the harmful influence of smoking on their health and will start looking for other solutions. E-cigarettes may be their choice, so this sector of market has an undoubted potential, and we all should hope that it would not be changed by unfavorable legislative decisions.


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