DJI Drone from China

Drones are certainly a hot topic. Recently, apart from their usual military usages, they were employed in various civilian (and commercial) activities. DJI Innovations is a small start-up company from Shenzhen. It managed to enter the market with its Phantom series – small drones equipped with a high-resolution camera. Moreover, the DJI Drone is successful.

DJI Drone – a new product from China

By now, more than 300 retailers in more than 20 countries are offering DJI’s drones. The reason for their popularity is quite straightforward: drones are very easy to use and can be operated by a joystick controller (similar to those used in video games). DJI products do not require any type of “do-it-yourself” mechanical skills, so they can be operated basically by everyone. The only limit to the drone’s usage is the law and the user’s imagination. It can be used to make promotional materials for real estate (showing them from a very unusual angle to customers may be very effective) or for taking pictures of scenic spots.

Drones are fully integrated with smartphones and/or tablets. The picture from the drone’s camera is sent to the smartphone. The battery is the weak point of the machine (it allows only for 25 min of flight). The 3-axis camera stabilization and precision of onboard GPS systems compensate for that. You can shoot high-quality videos using drones.

DJI is an example of a company that was born out of passion. Its founder, Frank Wang, an electrical engineering graduate and helicopter model hobbyist, started with a couple of friends working in one Shenzhen apartment and now runs the company, which employs 1500 workers. In the very beginning, the drones came without cameras, and the clients had to install them on their own, but Wang realized that simplicity is a very important feature.

Drone safety

The usage of drones raises public concerns, especially when aviation safety is concerned. DJI drones are equipped with GPS and preprogrammed to avoid no-fly zones. If the connection with the smartphone is lost, the drone automatically returns to the starting point.

DJI is a fine example of an innovative Chinese company. For a long time, the Chinese have had the reputation of copy-makers who cannot come up with creative ideas. DJI definitely contributed to getting rid of this stereotype.