Dashcams import from China – Duty rates

Duty rates for dashcams from China

Dashcams, commonly associated with YouTube videos showing dangerous road incidents in Russia, are becoming more and more popular around the world, including the US and Europe. Those kind of devices are also relatively popular among the Chinese drivers, China is one of the world’s biggest producers of dashcams and huge part of this production is exported.


Features of the good dashcam include good screen resolution, which enables to recognize other car license plates number (at last 720p or 1080p), night vision, effective memory managing and motion sensor, which automatically starts recording. This kind of dashcams may reach the retail price of $60-70, and if GPS is included, even more than $100.

For most of the customers it is a way too expensive. Dashcams manufactured by Chinese companies under their own trademarks (or as OEM versions) make up most of the market. Most of those devices are delivered to the end user without properly translated manual, not to mention the problems with warranty repairs or after-sale services. FOB prices for the Chinese dashcams start from $15, but we should always check the technical data: if the producer declares 1080p resolution, it can turn out to be 720p

Dashcams in European Duty Zone belong to the category „Video Camera Recorders” – „Other” (HS 85258099), duty rate is 14%. In the U.S., the duty rate is significantly lower: 2,1%