A complete Guide to Canton Fair

Canton Fair in is the biggest, best-known sourcing fair in China, also known as the China Import and Export Fair. Held twice a year in Guangzhou (Canton), it attracts more than 500,000 visitors to both the spring and autumn fairs.

Importers from more than 200 countries and regions from all over the world attend to visit more than 22,000 exhibitors from all over China and overseas. It’s the “must visit” trade show for almost every importer from China. So if you already import from China and are looking for new Chinese suppliers or just want to start your import business, it’s the best fair to attend.

In our complete Canton Fair Guide, we’ll try to answer the most frequently asked questions about the trade show.

Canton Fair

1. Exhibition Date and Phases of the Canton Fair

Each Canton Fair is divided into 3 different phases, which each last 5 days. It’s important to realize that you will find different exhibitors during each phase. So it’s very important to choose the proper phase so you can find suppliers from your industry, instead of choosing the wrong phase and wasting more than 20 days in Guangzhou. Be sure to prepare for the Canton Fair in advance. The whole complex is huge, and it’s almost impossible to visit every part of the fair during the 5 days. Also, remember to familiarize yourself with Chinese business etiquette.

Canton Fair Phase 1 April 15-19,2015

Exhibition Category Exhibition Section Exhibitor Number
Electronics & Household Appliances Household Electrical Appliances 1181
Consumer Electronics and Information Products 748
Electronic and Electrical Products 619
Lighting Equipment Lighting Equipment 601
Vehicle & Spare Parts Bicycles 114
Motorcycles 286
Vehicles 75
Vehicle Spare Parts 934
Machinery Power and Electrical Equipment 221
General Machinery, Small Processing Machinery 734
Industrial Spare Parts 734
Large Machinery and Equipment 433
Construction and Agricutural Machinery 293
Hardware & Tools Hardware 1030
Tools 1240
Building Materials Building and Decorative Materials 1239
Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment 597
Chemical Products Chemical Products 324
Energy New Energy 81

canton fair phase 1

Canton Fair Phase 2: April 23-27,2015

Exhibition Category Exhibition Section Exhibitor Number
Consumer Goods Kichenware & Tableware 1164
General Ceramics 692
Household Items 1372
Personal Care Products 120
Toiletries 101
Pet Products and Food 117
Gifts Clocks, Watches and Optical Instruments 132
Toys 648
Gifts and Premiums 1121
Festival Products 415
Home Decorations Art Ceramics 344
Glass Artware 361
Weaving, Rattan and Iron Products 203
Home Decorations 696
Gardening Products 552
Furniture 916
Stone/Iron Decoration & Outdoor Spa Equipment 74

canton fair phase 2

Canton Fair Phase 3: May 1-5, 2015

Exhibition Category Exhibition Section Exhibitor Number
Textiles & Garments Men and Women’s Clothing 1250
Underwear 217
Sports and Casual Wear 340
Kid’s Wear 215
Fashion Accessories and Fittings 557
Furs, Leather, Downs &Related products 81
Home Textiles 1423
Textile Raw Materials & Fabrics 741
Carpets & Tapestries 104
Shoes Shoes 1134
Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, Recreation Products Office Supplies 835
Cases and Bags 992
Sports, Tracel and Recreation Products 721
Food Food 718
Medicines, Health and Medical Devices Medicines, Health and Medical Devices 516


Canton Fair Phase 3

As you can see, there are suppliers from almost every industry. It might be confusing to find the right phase to attend, but we recommend you assign your products to an industry. The exhibitor categories at the Canton Fair are very general, so you will find various products.

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Once you enter the Pazhou Exhibition Complex, it’s easy to get around. There are plenty of shuttle buses, English-speaking staff to help out, and information points. But it’s good to have a map of the complex.

 3. Canton Fair opening hours

It’s important to remember that the trade fair has different opening hours on different days. Also, we do recommend registering at the fair in advance. You will avoid long lines for registration and save up to 2–3 hours. For details, please read our China Canton Fair Registration Guide

4. China Canton Fair Map

The whole Canton Fair complex is located in the southern part of Guangzhou, with easy access from Baiyun International Airport by taxi and Metro (subway). If you arrive by car or shuttle bus, bear in mind that the whole area around the complex is quite congested. If your hotel has easy access to the local Metro, we do advice using it. The Guangzhou Metro line 8 passes the Canton Fair. Just get off at the Xingang Dong Station (Exit A) or any exit at the Pazhou Station. The whole complex is divided into 3 sections, A, B, and C. More information about direct transport connections you can find on the official China Import & Export Fair Please view the Canton map.

Canton Fair Map

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