Chinese New Year – 2014, Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China and in many other East Asian countries. Chinese people celebrate it with their families by feasting, drinking and shooting fireworks. This time, the festival comes quite early: on 31th of January. It’s important to remember the date, whether you plan to go to China, it’s a bad time for doing business with China and other Asian countries. Find out more about the special festival in China

Chinese New Year Horse Year

Chinese traditional calendar is based on lunar cycles. Every year is represented by one zodiac animal, 2013 is Year of the Snake, 2014 belongs to the Horse. The element associated with the Horse will be Wood, and according to the Chinese tradition the Year of the Wooden Horse will bring the fulfillment of plans and big opportunities for travels and unexpected adventures.

A rather down-to-earth aspect of the New Year should also be noted: in China, it means vacations for officials, closed factories and millions of people going back to their homes to visit their loved ones. Therefore, it is not the best time for visiting China, disregarding of reason, may it be business or tourism. It will be certainly better to let the Chinese have their fun and come to their country later.


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