China Sourcing – SteelSeries

We have already described some successful China Sourcing companies, including GoPro. Today we present another company, this time from Europe, which successfully sells high-quality electronic equipment around the world. Its production base is located in China, SteelSeries specializes in producing equipment for gamers: headphones, mice, keyboards, mouse pads. They offer more than one hundred different products, all in premium price range.

SteelSeries China

Those, who are planning to import from China, keep on asking whether the quality of products can meet their needs. SteelSeries is the fine example of the company, which keeps the highest level of quality. If we decide to move our production to China, we should always remember that the price we pay will be reflected in the quality – if the unit price is low, the quality will also be low. SteelSeries was founded ten years ago by the Danish businessman Jacob Wolff-Petersen, who was a gamer himself. He started from selling mouse pads in 2001, and now he runs a successful enterprise that brings $30m of yearly revenue. When planning China Sourcing, we need to do some long-term planning; this will enable us to get a stable development of our company and constant inflow of cash. Careful examination of the Chinese company is – of course – an important step.



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