Chinese food market rises – and so are the food prices

Not long ago, the share of import in the Chinese food market was very low (4% in 2007). But the situation changes very fast. The purchasing power of the Chinese people rises along with the appetite for imported food and beverage. The volume of import is so big that it has the direct influence on global food prices

Agriculture remains to be the vital industry of China, but its production output cannot meet the rising demand. Local agriculture was heavily affected by the development of industry – vast spaces of agricultural area were polluted, the shortage of water also results in the abandonment of more fields that slowly turn into desert. Meanwhile, the annual growth rate for the food industry is 15%, the consumption of meat has risen and furthermore, the rich Chinese are even more fond of foreign products, including wines, salmon or chocolate.

Food in China

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Polypropylene from China

Polypropylene China Scam

Do you plan to import Polypropylene from China? As we’ve seen it in dozens of the same cases by now, we decided to write a warning about a very popular China import Scam: import Polypropylene from China Scam. The scheme is really simple, you order tons of polypropylene from unverified Chinese company (found in Google or Alibaba), and you got bags of worthless sand or other useless product instead (after you paid thousands of dollars – an avrage order worth ca. 28000 USD). How it is possible? There are few factors involved, we will try to explain it in this short blog post.

Polypropylene from China

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Transformers 4 grossed more in China than in the U.S.

In China fell a record top-grossing film of all time, previously set by James Cameron’s Avatar. The new record belongs to the latest part of the movie based on the popular series of toys from the ’80s, Transformers. Full title of the fourth part franchise is: Transformers: Age of Extinction, the film grossed over $ 222 million in the first ten days, it’s more than in the USA. Worldwide the movie has generated over $ 575,000,000 in less then two weeks.

transformers in china

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Smartphones in China

Smartphone usage in China – new trends and statistics

China is world’s one of the biggest smartphone markets. This infographics presents the detailed information about the market situation and its possible development trends. In the recent years, smartphones have become ubiquitous, low-end devices still being the most popular customers’ choice.

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The interview with Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi

We have several times reported about the impressive development of Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. This time we may listen to its founder, the current Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun. He explains the reasons of the company’s successes and emphasizes its unique characteristics.

7.4 million preorders of a budget Red Rice (Hongmi) phone prove that Xiaomi is a big player on the Chinese smartphone market. In the Q2 2013, it outclassed Apple, reaching the 5% of market share. It is still lower than big companies such as Samsung, Lenovo or Huawei, but Xiaomi entered the market no sooner than in 2011. By using the effective marketing tools, such as online preorders (usually the first batch sold out within minutes), Xiaomi managed to create media hype and is sometimes compared to the said Apple. But Lei Jun disagrees with that comparison.



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DJI Drone from China

DJI Innovations Drone – a new product from China

Drones are certainly a hot topic. Recently, apart from its usual military usages, they were employed in various civilian (and commercial) activities. DJI Innovations, a small start-up company from Shenzhen, managed to enter world market with its Phantom series – small drones equipped with a high-resolution camera.

DJI Drone China

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