Chinese New Year 2019

The New Year in China will start on February 5th, 2019. Chinese New Year 2019 will be the Year of the Earth Pig and it will end on January 24th, 2020. Chinese New Year falls on a different date every year because the Chinese use a calendar based on the movement of the moon. The Chinese Zodiac is calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar where each year in the cycle is related to an animal sign. 12 animals and 5 elements together form a 60-year cycle where each element is assigned to each animal. 2019’s Pig is the last animal in the Chinese Zodiac, after Dog and before Rat which starts the next cycle. The Year of the Pig refers to 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031 and so on.

Chinese New Year 2019

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Dictionary of Terms – import from China

When doing business with China or generally engaging in international trade, you can often encounter various terms and acronyms. You need to be familiar with them when you make transactions, close business deals and complete the formalities. We compiled a dictionary of terms for all the businesspeople who undertake to import goods from China. Listed terms are commonly used by the entrepreneurs around the world.

dictionary of terms

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China holidays 2019

When doing business with companies from China or traveling to China for either work or pleasure, you should always plan ahead of time. It is extremely important to consider the public holidays in China when planning a business trip to China. You also need to remember that during non-working days it may not be possible to communicate with your Chinese partner. Moreover, when the Chinese celebrate their holidays and festivals, they often travel to visit their family or see famous landmarks. This results in many train stations, airports and tourist attractions being overcrowded. The Chinese use a lunisolar calendar, which is formed on the movement of the moon. Because of this Chinese holidays fall on different dates every year. Since businesspeople who cooperate with China need to take Chinese non-working days into account, below you will find a China Holidays 2019 list of most important holidays in China for the upcomming year.

china holidays 2019

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Importing from China – a Chinese company from Xi’an

In recent months we have noted growing problems with the reliability of companies located in Tianjin, Shijiazhuang and Xi’an. There is no shade of doubt that experienced importers know how to protect themselves and minimize risks associated with cooperation with Chinese companies by ensuring a verification of a given company, signing a commercial contract, visiting factories and controlling the quality of goods (the so-called on-site checks). Of course, not every Chinese company is an organized crime group, yet many inexperienced importers forget to do background checks of their suppliers, which is even riskier if a given company is located in one of the above-mentioned cities.


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Canton Fair 2017 – practical information

As every year, the next spring edition of the Canton Fair is coming. We prepared a handful of practical information which will help you prepare for the fair.
Many new importers heading to their first fair in China choose the Canton Fair as their destination. Entrepreneurs who do business with Chinese companies also go to the Canton Fair at least once a year to learn about new trends in the market or meet with their Chinese business partners.


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Holidays in China 2017

Regardless of whether we import from or export to China, we should plan our business moves ahead of time. You should also plan your visits at Chinese fairs or business trips to factories located there in advance, which is why we are presenting the Chinese holidays calendar for the upcoming 2017. Holidays in China 2017 includes the most important public holidays. We publish this list annually because Chinese holidays fall on different days every year.


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How to negotiate with Chinese companies?

Asian business etiquette. How to conduct successful negotiations with Chinese companies?

Communication etiquette has always been a feature which differentiated one culture from another. What is considered good manners may vary significantly depending on the country’s geographical location. Knowing what is considered good manners in our interlocutor’s country position us as well-educated people who have social experience and respect their partners, which is particularly important in China.


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Importing from China – what is FOB?

Many beginner entrepreneurs who start importing from China do not know which Incoterms option to choose when importing goods. Is FOB or CIF better for importing? Almost all Chinese companies will deliver our goods using the shipping method specified in our order. This is why it is good to know the differences between Incoterms FOB and Incoterms CIF.fob

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Chinese New Year 2017

The Chinese New Year 2017 is the most important upcoming Chinese holiday. When we decide to import from China, we should take into account Chinese public holidays. Keep in mind that the Chinese New Year falls on January 28, 2017.

Non-working days are from January 27, 2017 (Friday) to February 2, 2017 (Thursday). If you import from China and want to visit your Chinese business partners, you should do so after February 15, when companies and their workflow are back to normal.

Below you will find a mini-calendar which outlines difficulties and inconveniences connected with the Chinese New Year’s celebrations in 2017.

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