Trademark squatting in China

Registration of your trademark in China is a basic necessity before undertaking business with China. It’s important to know that it doesn’t apply only to exporters. Importers should also remember about registering their brand if they display it on the product, packaging, or any printed materials. Why is it so important? In the Chinese trademark law, there is a rule „first to file”. It means that someone else can register your trademark. Consequently, they will deprive you of the right to use it in the territory of China. Unfortunately, trademark squatting in China is a common practice. In the article, we explain why is it crucial to register your trademark in the People’s Republic of China before someone else precedes you.

trademark squatting in China

Even a giant such as Apple had problems with the protection of the trademark in China.

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Consequences of not registering your trademark in China

Trademark in China is registered on a “first to file” basis. The logo will be protected for the person who first applies for registration of the trademark. The registration should be considered both by people interested in exporting to China and those planning to import goods from China.

trademark in China

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Who has rights to Supreme in China?

Recently there was big news about the collaboration of technological giant Samsung with the fashion brand Supreme. The companies announced their plans to enter the Chinese market together. Soon it became clear that the Supreme cooperating with Samsung was not the original Supreme founded by James Jebbia. How did it happen? Samsung establishing a partnership with the fake Supreme was possible because the New York brand doesn’t have rights to their trademark on Chinese territory. So, we decided to investigate who has the rights to Supreme in China.

Supreme in China

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