Trade Fairs in China in 2021

2020 was full of surprises, and many people’s plans were completely ruined. The global epidemic threat made organizers cancel, reschedule, or hold their events online. For importers and exporters, one of the most important platforms are trade fairs. Is it possible for trade fairs in China in 2021 to be held as they were before the pandemic?

Trade fairs in China in 2021
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Canton Fair 2020

Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, many events such as conferences or festivals have been canceled or postponed. The situation is no different with trade shows. Nevertheless, the organizers are looking for ways to make some of them happen, even if not in a stationary form. As a result, the Canton Fair in 2020 will take place online. It is the biggest and most important trade show in China, and has been held continuously since 1957.

Canton Fair 2020
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The Canton Fair was postponed

The official statement from the Deputy Director of the Trade Department of Guangdong stated that due to the spreading coronavirus pandemic, the Canton Fair was postponed. The spring edition of Canton Fair should start on April 15 and last until May. The fair has been held continuously since 1957. However, this year, the fate of the world’s largest trade fair has become questionable.

Canton Fair was postponed
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Electronics trade shows in China

With each passing year, there are more and more technological innovations that most of us are waiting impatiently for. New devices and software help us work more efficiently. Various machines, smartphones and home appliances are an indispensable part of everyday life. Chinese manufacturers are leading in the creation of new technology, constantly coming up with innovations. A good solution for trade companies in this industry is attending electronics trade shows in China. There, you will find many new interesting products and meet potential business partners.

electronics trade shows in China

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Canton Fair 2017 – practical information

As every year, the next spring edition of the Canton Fair is coming. We prepared a handful of practical information which will help you prepare for the fair.
Many new importers heading to their first fair in China choose the Canton Fair as their destination. Entrepreneurs who do business with Chinese companies also go to the Canton Fair at least once a year to learn about new trends in the market or meet with their Chinese business partners.


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A complete Guide to Canton Fair

Canton Fair in is the biggest, best-known sourcing fair in China, also known as the China Import and Export Fair. Held twice a year in Guangzhou (Canton), it attracts more than 500,000 visitors to both the spring and autumn fairs.

Importers from more than 200 countries and regions from all over the world attend to visit more than 22,000 exhibitors from all over China and overseas. It’s the “must visit” trade show for almost every importer from China. So if you already import from China and are looking for new Chinese suppliers or just want to start your import business, it’s the best fair to attend.

In our complete Canton Fair Guide, we’ll try to answer the most frequently asked questions about the trade show.

Canton Fair

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All China Trade Fairs in one place – Find any tradefair in China instantly

Many off our readers and customers are asking us about upcoming Trade Fairs in China, there are hundreds of these kind of events every year in different cites all over the country.

In response to the demand we’ve created a new website: – where you can search fairs in China, including the most popular industries. Continue reading