Toy production area in China – Shantou

Entertainment is one of the things that make life more pleasant. From a very young age, we learn about the world by playing with toys. They are the perfect educational tools that free one’s imagination. It is very unlikely that the demand for such products will disappear. China is the biggest exporter of toys in the world and has a wide selection of those types of products. To find a reliable business partner, it is worth participating in trade fairs, whether in Shantou (which is the main toy production area in China) or nearby Guangzhou, and to personally visit the factory. It is best if visits of this type do not collide with the most important Chinese holidays, which usually don’t fall on the same date every year.

toy production area in China

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Guangzhou fabric market

The garment is not only a practical item, protecting the body from hostile weather – putting together an outfit is a way of expressing oneself. Clothing, accessories, fibers, and goods alike are at the top of China’s export list. In 2018, China’s textile exports were valued at around $ 119 billion, equivalent to 37.6% on the global market. The Pearl River Delta where Guangzhou is placed is an area concentrating weaving factories. While in China, aside from visiting the Guangzhou fabric wholesale market or a factory, you can also participate in a trade fair. It is important to remember that this type of visit should not overlap with the most important Chinese holidays, which usually don’t fall on the same date every year.

Guangzhou the largest fabric market in China
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Guzhen lighting markets

If you’re thinking about importing LED lighting from China, Guzhen is the best place to look for the perfect products. This separate part of Zhongshan City concentrates a large number of lamp factories. Also, many companies have showrooms there, making access to numerous types of lighting much easier. Participation in trade fairs in Guzhen or nearby Guangzhou, and in particular a personal visit to the Guzhen lighting market or the factory, makes it more probable to make a better deal than when we hold the negotiations through intermediaries or trading companies. These types of visits should not collide with the most important Chinese holidays, which usually don’t fall on the same date every year. Below you’ll find a guide to Guzhen lighting markets.

Guzhen LED lighting production area in China
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Foshan furniture manufacturers

If you are going to import furniture from China, it’s worth taking the first steps to Foshan, one of the largest furniture production areas. Direct contact with representatives of factories is usually more fruitful than communication with a given company through an intermediary or a trading company. Everyone familiar with Chinese business etiquette knows how important face-to-face meetings with a potential business partner are. When visiting the Foshan furniture market, you can also firsthand see the quality of the products and the factory. It is worth choosing wisely the date of the visit so that it does not interfere with the most important Chinese holidays. The trip can be combined with participation in trade fairs, for example in the nearby Guangzhou, home of the Canton Fair.

Foshan furniture production area in China
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