How to find a Chinese business partner?

Choosing the right business partner from China is one of the most critical challenges that an importer should meet. It requires not only a lot of time but also a thorough verification of the contractor’s reliability. There are many ways to meet a potential business partner. The most common ones are Internet trading platforms and trade shows in China. Below we explain how to find a Chinese business partner.

Chinese business partner

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How to negotiate with Chinese companies?

Asian business etiquette. How to conduct successful negotiations with Chinese companies?

Communication etiquette has always been a feature which differentiated one culture from another. What is considered good manners may vary significantly depending on the country’s geographical location. Knowing what is considered good manners in our interlocutor’s country position us as well-educated people who have social experience and respect their partners, which is particularly important in China.


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10 steps for your success in China

How to achieve success in China? We prepared the short guide for everyone, who wishes to enter this promising market. If you want to start your business operations in China, you should remember about following 10 things:

1.      Make market research

Chinese people have their own ways of doing business and the whole market is unique, you need to devote some time in order to grasp the basic knowledge about it. It is better than reconnaissance by fire, no big risks are involved. Another good way is visiting trade fairs in China: you can present your products there, find out whether is there a demand for them, trade fair is a great opportunity to start some business relationships. You can also download online reports about your branch of industry – in many cases it is free of charge, you will save a lot of time.

success China

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