Canton Fair 2022

The last edition of the probably most popular tradeshows in the world, Canton Fair, was the 130th one. In 2020 the tradeshow was held online, but since the situation got better, in 2021, it was held both online and offline. How will the Canton Fair 2022 look like?

Canton Fair 2022

Canton Fair

Canton Fair, or China Import and Export Fair ( 广交会), is a big biannual tradeshow in China’s Guangzhou. It has been organized since 1957, making it the oldest tradeshows in China. The trade fair is held in spring and fall, and each edition has three phases concentrating on chosen industries:

  • Phase 1: Lighting Equipment, Building Materials, Vehicles & Spare Parts, Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances, Hardware & Tools, Energy + Resources, Chemical Products, Machinery, International Pavilion
  • Phase 2: Gifts, Consumer Goods, Home Decorations
  • Phase 3: Cases & Bags, Medical Devices and Health Products, Office Supplies, Recreation Products, Food, Shoes, Textiles & Garments, International Pavilion.

Canton Fair is getting more and more recognizable every year – in 2021, participants came from 228 countries and regions.


Spring edition: April-May

Fall edition: October-November

Organized by: China Foreign Trade Centre

Venue: Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Pazhou) Complex (Xingang Dong Rd, Haizhu, Guangzhou, China)

Exhibition area: 400,000 square meters

Canton Fair in 2022

Due to the epidemiological situation, in 2020 Canton Fair was held online. In 2021 the spring edition was online, while the fall Canton Fair one – both online and offline. The online edition was not divided into phases as it was before. How will the Caton Fair 2022 look like? There is no official information. Some of the tradeshows in China set for 2022 were canceled or postponed, others held online or in a merged format.

Most probably Canton Fair in 2022 will look like the previous edition, meaning it will be held both offline and online. This format met with huge success since those who could not go to China still were able to see live exhibitions and live streams.

Why should you visit Canton Fair?

Attending trade shows is worthwhile since it is a great chance to strengthen your position in the international business environment and expand your professional network. Whether the trade is online or offline, you can still contact plenty of suppliers and negotiate the prices. One of the pros of an offline tradeshow is that you can see (or feel, run a test, try) the products for yourself. There are about 20,000 booths on-site and 60,000 online booths, so the selection is great.

See our Canton Fair registration guide if you are new to Canton Fair.

Important! Given the current epidemiological situation in the world, there are some restrictions regarding travel to China. Those who can enter the People’s Republic of China have to be in quarantine for 14-21 days and take multiple tests. If you arrive in China, you may face problems with accommodation and transportation due to restrictions.