About us

ExamineChina was founded in 2011 by people passionate about doing business in China with a strong focus on security and counter fraud.

We've lived in China for many years and know China's problems, culture, language, and law. Our domain of expertise is due diligence about Chinese companies. China is a very complex market. It's constantly changing, and unfortunately, there is a lot of fraud going on there.

To help your business deal with these problems, we created ExamineChina.

ExamineChina headquarters

ExamineChina's mission is to save you and your company from getting scammed.

Our detailed credit reports will tell you if a Chinese company is a trustworthy business partner or not.

ExamineChina.com is run by EU citizens from its headquarters in Poland (the European Union).

We've served hundreds of European and American clients over the past few years. We have actually expanded globally, and our Credit Reports are used by companies from all over the world.

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We help companies around the world

We love to talk to our current and future clients.

If you see us somewhere at a trade fair or event, come by, say hello, and ask us anything.

Also, feel free to contact us by email, or call us:

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